Home Depot Home Appliances

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8 to 12 pallet lots sold at 13.5% to retail value.

24 to 30 pallet truck loads sold at 13.5% to retail value.

All Lots and Truckloads are fully manifested.

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Full truckload of home appliances items from The Home Depot stores. These loads may include a variety of mini refrigerators, wine coolers, beverage coolers, microwaves, vacuums, hood rangers, a/c units (seasonal), fans (seasonal), heaters (seasonal), dehumidifiers, blenders, air fryers, pressure cookers, and much more.

Images above are examples of pallets. Units may vary.

Lots may consist of 8 to 12 pallets that are manifested. Lots can be combined to create a full manifested truckload. A full manifested truckload can contain 20 to 30 pallets max (depending on size of pallets).

120-500 units depending on how many pallets are purchased.

8-12 pallet lots start from $12,500 to $18,000 retail value.
24 to 30 pallet full truck loads start from $36,000 to $45,000 retail value.

These Home Depot truckloads include a mix of in-store returns, shelf pulls, and open box items. The condition of the products will vary.

Ships direct from our Las Vegas warehouse.

Manifests are for representation purposes only. We are not responsible for any errors by the supplier.